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Position: MEDICAL ASSISTANT (Full Time Personal Service Contractor - PSC)

OPEN TO: All Qualified Candidates
OPENING DATE: July 8, 2014
CLOSING DATE: Position will remain open until filled

General Description

The Medical Assistant (MA) performs a variety of clinical and administrative duties in support of the health unit. The MA reports to the Country Director (CD) for administrative issues and works under the direction of the Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO).

The MA is responsible for providing administrative support and, to the extent credentialed, clinical support, including but not limited to; working as the health unit receptionist, actively assisting the PCMO in clinical procedures (*), screening phone calls, taking messages, coordinating requests, medical appointments, distribution of medicines to PCVs under PCMO oversight, and other clerical and administrative functions in support of the PCMO(s).

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Support to the Health Unit:

The MA coordinates responsibilities directly with the PCMO. Must adhere to confidentiality regarding PCVs medical issues and possess excellent interpersonal skills.

Clinical Support:

  • Serves as chaperone
  • Responsible for sterilization of equipment
  • Responsible for follow up on results and consultation forms from medical service providers. Ensure this information is relayed to the PCMO for review.
  • Conducts follow up with laboratories when results are not received. Files all results in corresponding medical charts when requested by the PCMOs. Coordinates with support staff to retrieve PCV laboratory results and delivers PCV laboratory samples to ensure smooth processing of required tests.
  • Performs clinical privileges as approved by the Medical Director/Chief of Clinical Programs, Volunteer Support, with oversight by the PCMO.

Administrative Support

  • Places and returns telephone calls in the health unit, including scheduling, modifying, and canceling appointments in coordination with PCVs, PCMO and other personnel, such as clinicians and laboratories.
  • Drafts correspondence such as letters, memos, fax covers, etc. at the request of the clinical staff to PCVs, laboratories, hospitals, etc.
  • Routes incoming correspondence to PCMO, stamps and files routine correspondence.
  • Prepares mailings, including laboratory samples and medical supplies to be sent to PCVs, training sites and other destinations and forwards them to the appropriate administrative staff for mailing by courier or ground transportation.
  • Responsible for the reception, registration, and filing of all medical bills submitted by PCVs and local medical service providers. Submits bills to PCMO for approval, verifying name of Volunteer, date of services rendered, and that services were requested by PCMO.

Medical Supply Duties

  • Ensures an adequate supply of disposable materials, maintains inventory within the medical unit, and keeps PCMO informed.
  • Responsible for updating medical inventory when medication/supplies are delivered:
    * Routinely informs the Medical Supply Inventory Control Clerk (MSICC)/General Services Manager (GSM) of any updates or modifications to the medical supply inventory in order to maintain the Medical Inventory Workbook.
    * Keeps an accurate control of the expiration dates of all medicines and alerts the PCMO of upcoming expired medications.
    * Upon receipt of ordered medicines, medical kits, and vaccines by Acceptance Point Clerk (APC) ensures their transfer to the health unit by the APC.
    * Responsible for organization and re-shelving.
  • Drafts and prepares orders for supplies based on needs, historical data, and inventory availability. Collaborates with the PCMO to order medical supplies from PC/HQ.


Responsibilities as a sub-cashier include performing limited cash disbursements as directed by the DMO, proper disbursing and collecting of funds, proper accounting for funds advanced, safeguarding funds advanced, and accepting personal responsibility and financial liability for funds after successful completion of the requisite training for performing sub-cashier duties.

Qualifications Required

  1. Successful completion of a nursing school (technical/university degree), general medical school, medical assistant program, and valid registered clinical licensure/diploma or, Applicable knowledge and experience obtained through on-the-job training or under the direct guidance of a provider (supporting documentation must be submitted).
  2. Two years progressively responsible related experience with knowledge of administrative medical duties related to health services. Clerical and secretarial experience desirable.
  3. English fluency required.
  4. Basic knowledge of administration of health units/facilities, including procurement of medical supplies and inventory control.
  5. Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office programs (Word, Power Point, Access, Outlook, and Excel).

How to Apply

  • Submit a CV and cover letter describing how you meet the stated qualifications;
  • Include the title Medical Assistant in your cover letter.
  • Send CV and Cover Letter to jobs@kh.peacecorps.gov
  • Or, deliver to the Peace Corps Office - #7A, Street 256
  • Or, mail to Peace Corps Office, PO Box 2453, Phnom Penh 3
  • For questions or a complete Statement of Work, contact Peace Corps Cambodia at Tel: 023 222 901.
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